When you see this shield, EnhancedClean is there.

When you see the EnhancedClean shield in your facility’s entryway doors or windows, you can rest easier knowing that a certified disinfection program is in place.

After you enter, you’ll see more examples of how EnhancedClean is safety you can see, such as our team members cleaning and disinfecting high touch points frequently throughout the day, and our new EnhancedClean uniforms, which only our team members who pass our training and certification can wear.

In addition to doing our part, we’re taking measures to help everyone stay healthy together. Our occupant signage program will help introduce and reinforce healthy practices like social distancing, prevention practices such as hand hygiene, and other safety measures based on your facility needs.


An Industry-Defining Standard of Cleaning and Disinfection

When you bring the EnhancedClean™ program into your facilities, you’re bringing in a visible, trustworthy, and reassuring solution for building and occupant wellness. From the moment employees, visitors, tenants, guests, students, and travelers set foot in your doors, they’ll know that their health and safety is at the forefront of your organization’s priorities. And these visual reminders of their safety will be prominent throughout your facility: from cleaning and disinfection throughout the day, to official uniforms, to occupant signage detailing what they can do to help everyone stay healthy together.

Cleaning Area

Staff On-Site During Your Open Hours

After-hours cleaning and disinfection is not enough to offer reassurances of safety. The presence of our uniformed staff, performing cleaning and disinfection throughout the day, shows understanding that occupant health is a 24/7 concern. Knowing that the surfaces they interact with the most, from door handles to countertops to elevator buttons, are being continuously disinfected allows your occupants to focus on their work, studies, or leisure activities in your facility.


Uniformed ABM Team Members

Only ABM team members who attend our EnhancedClean training and pass our vigorous testing and certification process can wear the EnhancedClean uniform. This means that every ABM team member wearing this uniform is a Certified Disinfection Specialist, knowledgeable about the science behind disinfection and the practical steps needed to deliver healthier spaces. This means they have shown a thorough understanding of cleaning and disinfection methods in both theory and practice.

EnhancedClean™ Onsite Video
EnhancedClean™ Onsite Video

As occupants return to facilities, they’ll want to know about what you’re doing to protect their health and promote healthy social practices. This video helps explain both your part and their part in staying healthy together.


 A Certified, Three Step Approach to Facility Disinfection
A Certified, Three Step Approach to Facility Disinfection

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, facility occupants want to know that their health is important and protected. See how the disinfection protocols of EnhancedClean™ can deliver healthier spaces and help reassure everyone that their wellbeing is your top priority.


Healthy Spaces Start with a Clean Desk
Healthy Spaces Start with a Clean Desk

You can’t disinfect a cluttered desk. Get workspaces ready for disinfection – and get set to help your team keep them that way – with Clean Desk, part of our EnhancedClean™ program.


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