When you see this shield, EnhancedClean is there.

When you see the EnhancedClean shield in your facility’s entryway doors or windows, you can rest easier knowing that a certified disinfection program is in place.

After you enter, you’ll see more examples of how EnhancedClean is safety you can see, such as our team members cleaning and disinfecting high touch points frequently throughout the day, and our new EnhancedClean uniforms, which only our team members who pass our training and certification can wear.

In addition to doing our part, we’re taking measures to help everyone stay healthy together. Our occupant signage program will help introduce and reinforce healthy practices like social distancing, prevention practices such as hand hygiene, and other safety measures based on your facility needs.

Step ONE

Build trust that it’s safe to return to your space.

Suggested Frequency
  • Intervals based on reentry
Methods Employed
  • Pre-opening site assessment(s) using reentry checklists to inform return to work strategy
  • Workforce protocols (i.e. PPE & social distancing procedures)
  • Implement preventative products strategy
  • One-time enhanced clean
Team Members Deployed
  • Certified disinfection specialists
Potential Supplies and Equipment
  • No touch fixtures, dispensers & door openers
  • Centralized trash receptacles
  • Sensor technologies
  • Hand-sanitizing stations (based on availability)
  • Disinfecting wipes for occupants (based on availability)
  • EPA-registered disinfectants qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2
Step TWO

Instill confidence that a recurring cleaning and disinfection program is in place.

Suggested Frequency
  • Intervals range from hourly to daily
Methods Employed
  • Site-specific SOW for each facility type based on occupancy levels
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all high touch point areas in facility
Team Members Deployed
  • Certified disinfection specialists
Potential Supplies and Equipment
  • Occupant Communication Kits
  • EPA-registered disinfectants qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2
  • Proper PPE
  • Microfiber program

Reset your full facility to higher standards beyond high touch point cleaning.

Suggested Frequency
  • Intervals range from nightly to quarterly
Methods Employed
  • Large area disinfection
Team Members Deployed
  • Certified disinfection specialists
Potential Supplies and Equipment
    • Electrostatic sprayers
    • Hospital grade EPA-registered disinfectants with faster kill time and broader pathogen spectrum if an outbreak has occurred in your facility

Continued product testing:

  • Evidence-based testing and validation
  • UV devices and UVC lighting

Service Specific Benefits

Keep more focus on your business while we take care of your environment.

Advanced Disinfection Technologies

ABM’s advanced technologies go beyond basic cleaning to offer the latest and most-effective disinfection possible, allowing you to provide safer, healthier spaces.

Evidence-Based Testing

Evidence-based testing (EBT) with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) offers a scientific measurement of the cleanliness of your surfaces. Going beyond the visual assessment of cleanliness, the process of ATP testing, can help fine-tune your disinfection schedule to maximize occupant safety.

ABM’s Expert Advisory Council has designed testing protocols to assess a sampling of high touch points that rotate through areas and Disinfectant Specialists to give you a comprehensive quality assurance program. Our ATP program includes testing equipment set-up, program training and implementation, and regular reporting.

Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying uses charged particles to coat surfaces and provide for easy large-scale dispersal of EPA-registered disinfectants. This disinfectant dispersal method increases pathogen droplet attraction, which may be helpful to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Although the EPA continues to study electrostatic spraying of disinfectants, there is evidence that electrostatic spraying is an effective method of disinfection, especially for hard to reach areas or remote surfaces that may not have been disinfected through manual processes. This technology, as part of an overall cleaning and disinfection program, can help create a safe and healthy environment while decreasing the risk of cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Antimicrobial coatings and films have been around for more than 30 years. However, the science behind anti-microbial coatings and films continues to develop and be studied. Companies claim or imply that these products provide an extended barrier against the COVID-19 virus (in some cases up to 90 days) after the initial application. There is no independent verification of these claims or set time frame from the EPA or CDC in which these products provide a barrier of protection.

p>As this topic evolves, ABM will continue to review these products as they come to the market and the science develops. ABM can install coatings, films, and ‘self-cleaning’ products in your facility if you find value in these products after considering the talking points above. According to the CDC and EPA, these solutions should not replace disinfection programs.

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection

More than a century ago, the first research findings were released demonstrating that direct sunlight is quickly fatal to most bacteria. Since that time, extensive research has confirmed that UV is beneficial in reducing environmental pathogens and protecting healthcare patients and building occupants from contaminated air, surfaces, and water. The use of UV has resulted in a non-chemical, ‘no-touch’ step following cleaning in environmental disinfection programs.

UV light technology is an effective tool to complement a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program. However, the right method of deployment and proper training is essential to ensure efficacy and safety. Additionally, UV light alone is not enough to achieve thorough disinfection and must be paired with manual cleaning in order to provide safer, healthier environments.

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EnhancedClean for Facility Reopenings and Beyond
EnhancedClean for Facility Reopenings and Beyond

We can help you meet the evolving challenges of reopening and ongoing facility services, supplemented by broad disinfection technologies to cover every angle of building wellness.


How EnhancedClean™ Delivers Healthier Spaces
How EnhancedClean™ Delivers Healthier Spaces

Daily life doesn’t look like it did pre-pandemic. The way we care for occupants and facilities has to be different, too. In this video, learn how EnhancedClean™ can help life in your facilities return to (almost) normal through a certified, three-step approach to disinfection backed by experts that delivers healthy spaces.


A Certified, Three Step Approach to Facility Disinfection
A Certified, Three Step Approach to Facility Disinfection

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, facility occupants want to know that their health is important and protected. See how the disinfection protocols of EnhancedClean™ can deliver healthier spaces and help reassure everyone that their wellbeing is your top priority.


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